Friday, February 10, 2017

Bralalalala Awarded $2.2 Million

   The Amazing Spider Man, Django Unchained,
Iron Man 1/2, Charlie's Angels et al supervising art director David Klassen & his girlfriend accomplice Yolanda Marsili lost $2.2 million in the malicious prosecution retrial v Bralalalala. 
   The pair of chronic liars had set aside the original ruling in the case last year falsely claiming they never heard of 
the lawsuit. Once the court gave them another chance, they once again ran like hell, this time blaming it on an alleged murder plot conducted by Bralalalala and her supposed mob of gangsters, who they called the FBI on according to a letter they sent to the court.
  The duo have since once again refused to pay the ruling,again calling the court "corrupt," for not believing their 
story about extortion by Bralalalala. They claimed 
they left the country in the same letter to the court before they lost the trial the second time.